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Trust our experience to guide you through this complex process

adoption lawyer in oklahoma cityMany people are surprised to learn how complex and stressful it can be to adopt a child. There is a great deal of red tape, much documentation and a lot of waiting. A single misstep can send adoptive parents back to the starting line or even prevent the adoption from going through. With the help of an experienced lawyer, you may be able to avoid such missteps, cut through the red tape and bring your family together as quickly as possible.

Experienced in all types of adoption

At the Jim A. Lyon Law Firm in Oklahoma City, we have spent more than 30 years providing caring support and professional legal counsel to adoptive parents. We assist with new birth adoptions, stepparent adoptions, foster parent adoptions, private adoptions and state agency adoptions. We help the adoptive parents in the adoption process and are aware of the concerns of the birth mother or biological parents throughout the adoption procedures. If it is a new birth adoption, we obtain a temporary custody order before the birth so that the adoptive parents will have permission to leave the hospital with the newborn.

Our experience includes local adoptions in Oklahoma, interstate adoptions and international adoptions. Our attorneys will work with the various government agencies, social workers, medical personnel and others as is needed. All of this is done to be certain that the biological parents’ rights are ended, that the adoptive parents have full legal rights to the adopted child and that all Oklahoma requirements or other state requirements, if needed, are met.

The adoption of a child, whatever the special circumstances may be, is an important time in the life of the child and the adoptive family. We will be with you through each step, explaining the process, and will be respectful of each person by holding all information in confidentiality.



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