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    The Divorce Mediation Process

    Divorce can be a particularly complicated process. In a large number of cases, divorces are prolonged because both spouse have a difficult time negotiating in a court of law. It is often in the best interest of both parties, however, to not delay the process and allow the divorce to finalize. In an effort to make the divorce process more peaceful and help the process proceed at a faster rate, couples often decide to use the mediation process to resolve a divorce. The mediation process allows both spouses to make all of the decisions regarding the divorce outside of a courtroom and then submit these plans to a court for final approval.

    The Role of Attorneys in Divorce Mediation

    For individuals who are involved in mediation in the state of Oklahoma, the presence of legal counsel will likely prove valuable at mediation. Legal counsel is often very familiar with an individual’s case as well as the applicable law. As a result, an attorney can act as an important representative for an individual and help ensure that a divorce resolves in a quick and efficient manner. An attorney can also help an individual appreciate all of the potential consequences of any decision that is made during the mediation process. Legal counsel can also help individuals prepare for divorce mediation by preparing concrete lists of tangible goals as well as both an individual’s assets and debts to prepare for all potential ownership decisions.

    Steps in the Mediation Process

    There are several steps in the mediation process. Often at a first meeting, the mediator and involved parties determine what issues will be addressed during the mediation process. At a second meeting, the parties will discuss the requirements that must be met in order to reach a compromise. If these requirements can be successfully met then an agreement will be drafted by the mediator, review by the spouses and their legal counsel then submitted to a court. If a compromise cannot be reached then the case will proceed to a court of law.

    Deciding on a Mediator

    Selecting a mediator can prove to be a particularly difficult decision. Nearly any individual can bill themselves as a mediator without meeting any specific criteria or obtaining particular training. Individuals interested in obtaining a good mediator should analyze various types of criteria including: whether the mediator has completed a basic mediation course, whether the mediator is certified in divorce mediation, if the mediator has obtained a certification from any organization or agency that is recognized regarding mediation, if the mediator trained in an apprenticeship or co-mediation period, and how many cases the individual mediated.

    How a Seasoned Oklahoma Family Law Attorney Can Help

    If you are involved in a divorce, Oklahoma attorney Jim A. Lyon understands the various issues that can come into play and will work passionately to make sure that you receive the compensation that you deserve. Do not hesitate to contact attorney Lyon today in order to find help with your divorce or alimony case.

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    Estate & Probate » Blog » The Divorce Mediation Process