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Probate Lawyer Oklahoma City


Probate Lawyer Oklahoma City

Guidance Through The Probate Process

If you are seeking a probate lawyer Oklahoma City, Jim A. Lyon Law Firm has more than 30 years of probate experience.

When you choose the Jim A. Lyon Law Firm in Oklahoma City for probate law, you are choosing experience. We are a local OKC law firm experienced in probate law, understanding that our experience can help you achieve the results you need.

probate lawyer oklahoma city

Probate With Oil And Gas Properties

Probate becomes even more complex when an estate includes oil and gas land. Our knowledge of both probate law and oil and gas law allows us to handle these challenging issues so that you and your family can continue to get royalty payments.

Is the oil and gas land in Oklahoma, or is it in Texas or another state? Was the oil and gas property addressed correctly, or at all, in the deceased’s will? Is royalty money being held in suspense by the oil and gas company? Regardless of the specifics, you can count on our experienced guidance.

probate attorney okcAncillary Probates

An ancillary probate is a separate probate that needs to be conducted for any assets owned outside of the deceased’s home state. For example, if an individual in California owned oil and gas land or mineral rights in Oklahoma, an ancillary probate would need to be conducted in Oklahoma in addition to the primary probate that was conducted in California.

The need for this process often catches family members by surprise. They conduct probate in the deceased’s home state and think everything is okay, until the oil and gas company stops sending royalty checks. The checks will be suspended or turned over to the state in unclaimed property until an ancillary probate is conducted in the state where the oil and gas property is.

We have become a go-to law firm for probate law in the Oklahoma City area. Many Oklahoma ancillary probate cases are referred to us by fellow lawyers and other parties from around the country. The majority of these cases involve oil and gas royalties or mineral rights. We handle Oklahoma ancillary probates for out-of-state clients, as well as guidence to local probate law clients with ancillary probates in other states.

probate law oklahoma cityProbate Disputes

While our goal is to usher families through the probate process as efficiently as possible, the reality is that these are emotional times and disputes may arise. When a will contest or other dispute arises during the probate or estate administration process, we can help.

Our attorneys will protect your interests in negotiation or trial as necessary.

Contact Oklahoma Probate Attorney Jim A. Lyon for a FREE CONSULTATION.

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