Probate is the process of evaluating an estate and proving that the will of a deceased individual is valid. This is a common requirement for families wishing to settle the estate of a recently passed loved one, but this process can become quite complicated when assets and property located in another state come into question.

When this situation arises, a family will need to go through ancillary probate. This process is conducted for any property owned outside of the deceased’s home state. Some families may not even realize that they must go through this process until they are unable to secure the money they expected to receive. An experienced legal ally is essential for effectively navigating the ancillary probate process.

How do you know if you need an ancillary probate in another state?

This is a common question, and one that is frequently asked by people concerning property, especially oil and gas rights, in Oklahoma. If a person from another state owns the oil or gas rights to property in Oklahoma, the beneficiaries of this estate must go through ancillary probate.

Your family may need the assistance of an Oklahoma ancillary probate attorney if the following apply to your situation:

  • Your loved one owned property in the state, yet resided somewhere else
  • Gas or oil royalty checks have stopped coming
  • You have questions regarding you mineral rights in Oklahoma
  • You received notice that royalty payments have been designated as unclaimed property
  • There is a contest or dispute among beneficiaries regarding mineral or royalty rights

To resolve these matters and secure the money to which you have a rightful claim, you should work with a lawyer who can advocate for your interests through every step of the process.

Protect your rights in probate

If you were left the rights to property located in Oklahoma by a loved one who lived in another state, you need to seek a positive outcome to any concerns or legal complications that arise as quickly as possible. When there are gas and oil or mineral royalties at stake, the best way to protect your rights is with the help of a lawyer who knows how to effectively navigate the ancillary probate process in Oklahoma, regardless of where you live.