Three Things to Remember About Accessing a Deceased Person’s Digital Accounts

We have all become more reliant on digital living. We use the internet for things like banking, communication, storage, taxes, and many other critical aspects of our lives. Unfortunately, if a loved one dies without adequate planning, accessing the digital assets of a loved one after they have passed away can be fraught with difficulties. The introduction of new cybersecurity methods like fingerprint technology has resulted in even more difficulties in accessing deceased loved ones’ digital accounts. Effective January 2021, the Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act helps address frequent challenges encountered by fiduciaries in accessing a deceased person’s accounts. The following is some helpful information for those trying to access their loved ones’ digital assets after death.  Follow Some General Steps Different digital accounts have different requirements, but that there are some general guidelines that you can follow to prepare to access this information. Some of these helpful steps include: Contact either the county clerk or state office where the loved one died so you can obtain a copy of that person’s death record. Sometimes, a fee is required. Check the access rules of the digital site that you plan on accessing. Many digital services have automated [...]