What is Form 709 and Why Would I Need it?

Given that the lifetime gas tax exemption for 2020 has been increased for the next year to $11.58 million, a much smaller portion of people is now subject to federal gift taxes. Many people are also wondering whether it is still necessary to file gift tax returns.  While it is not necessary to file these forms if your assets are below this threshold, there are situations in which you might want to file a Form 709, which is also known as a “United States Gift Tax Return.” This article reviews some critical details that you understand about the role of Form 709. What Does Not Require a Form 709 While many asset transfers constitute gifts, there are some notable exceptions. Some asset transfers that need not be reported on Form 709 include: Direct payments for qualifying medical or educational expenses. Deductible charitable gifts. Gifts of present interests within the annual exclusion amount. Gifts to a spouse who is a U.S. citizen either directly or through a qualifying trust Gifts to a noncitizen spouse within an annual exclusion amount of $157,000 Transfers in these categories are not subject to a gift tax return. All other gifts, however, must be reported through [...]