Answers to Commonly Asked Inheritance Questions

Receiving an inheritance can change a person’s life, so it should come as no surprise that people often have questions about how inheritances are received. The following will provide some details about how inheritances work.   What Happens if You Die Without a Will?   When a person dies without a will, the individuals who inherit from the estate are determined by Oklahoma intestacy law. Many people believe that if a person dies without a will, that individual’s spouse will inherit everything in the estate. Exactly who inherits, however, depends on several critical factors including the value of an estate and how assets are held.    What Happens if the Terms of a Will are Violated?   If a will is valid under Oklahoma law, it must be followed unless doing so would violate another law. If a will is not followed, an interested party can file a petition and raise the issue in front of a probate judge.    What Happens if Someone Misuses Estate Property?   There are probate laws in Oklahoma that create strategies to block an individual from misusing or taking estate property. If you end up in this situation, however, it is important to immediately     Read More