How do You Revoke a Living Trust?

Living trusts have grown in popularity over the last decade. After all, these estate planning documents allow people to achieve goals that are not possible using other types of estate planning methods. Living trusts allow people to both control how assets are distributed as well as change or alter those terms during their lifetimes. If you are one of the many people who decide to alter the terms of your living trust, it can prove helpful if you know exactly how to do this. Knowing When it is Time to Revoke or Amend a Trust All major life events including births, adoptions, marriages, and divorces should make you review the terms of your estate plan. If changes become necessary, you should not hesitate to make them. Often the question is not whether you should revise the terms of your trust, but instead how you should implement these revisions. Instead, the primary question is often how revisions or amendments occur. How Amendments and Revocations are Made The ways in which a person is permitted to alter a revocable living trust are dictated both by the terms of the trust as well as Oklahoma law. Generally, a person in Oklahoma is permitted [...]